Remembering what’s important.

Pondering Important things

Heather Cannon CEO of Hip Chick Industries is officially starting a Blog!!

  Lately I’ve been focusing on “remembering what’s important”. In the past, well let’s be honest, year I’ve been struggling to make a business out of aprons. Let me tell you producing a product is the easy part! Compared to a harsh wake-up call or an unresponsive market.
  I mean I guess instead of over thinking my situation and not taking action, I went head long into full production of multiple products. I dove into trade shows and car shows. I hit the world at 1,000 MPH. Everything was smooth sailing until: the impact of the profit vs. loss statement in quarter 2 kicked in, that is.
  Then some fear started to set in. I started living in fear of disastrous failure. In fact until this week I’d been completely crippled by it. Unable to move forward and getting lost in endless distractions. I lost myself and my confidence. So sad 😦

My first action step forward was to make a list of really important things for me to live by in every aspect of my life. 

The following things are important to Heather Cannon:
(although, not in order of importance)

1. Family
2. Stability
3. Friendship
5. Honesty
7. Trust
8. Follow through
9. Accountability
10. Dignity
12. Self Respect
13. Humility
14. Peace of Mind
15. Courtesy
17. Optimism
18. Humor
20. Strength
21. Building a strong Future

  Once I got the list put together, I realized I had nothing to fear. I just needed to be a true representation of this list. For myself, my family and within my business. Stepping out of fear seems to be a daily process at times but at least now I recognize that.

  Remembering what’s important is knowing who you are and what you stand for. Having a list around the house, in the car or in your office is a great way to avoid the “fear factor.”

Until next time,



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