Take action every 15 mins

What I’m going to take with me on my business adventure today is…. I want to take action every 15 mins. I want to take a 10 min break every 45 minutes to recoop.
I’m a procrastinator by nature so my action for this 15 minutes is writing this post. What I learned today is pretty simple. I’m scared to death and am petrified to take action. I mean ANY action. This makes me feel small and helpless. However, I AM NOT small and helpless.
I think I figired out that what upsets me the most about running my business from home. Simply put, losing focus and “wasting my own time”. This combined with hudge goals with drawn out completion dates overwhelms my system. I literally don’t know where to start and yet my head is tumbling over my to-do list.

Enter the victorious conjour of time, me!
I decided to break down my business into a few major catagories that can’t wait!! Making sure that they all work together in moving toward my final destination(hopefully in the quickest means possible).

First, I scheduled each task a full or half day (depending on my committments) for research and development.

Second, i broke each “critical issue” into “micro-issues”

And Lastly I took each “micro-issue” on my list and broke it up into 15 minute acomplishible goals.

By the end of day one I had a detailed picture of a critical part of my business and like 100 mini-victories. I’m actually starting to gain some confidence.

I plan on encouraging myself for every victory from now on! Even the ones that only take 15 mins to complete.

Today is the Day!
What could you do in 15 mins? Find out, Start now!


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