Winter Break

 When school is out and the kiddos are home it’s hard for me to focus on what needs to be done. I struggle with finding the balance between selfishness for what I want to do and what I “should” be doing.( I think what I “should” be doing is a reaction to some kind of guilt at not spending every ounce of winter break focused on my children but even realizing that doesn’t change the way I feel about it! Weird!) 

 I have this big presentation coming up and it feels like I’m on a precipice looking down at the world as I know it and being certain it’s about to change. For the better, I know that for sure but how much? I want my life to change so that I hardly recognize it. I want to become a bigger better version of myself. I know I can do this but at the same time I’m afraid I can’t do it alone. Not that I absolutely can’t but I just don’t want to wait that long. If that makes any sense.

  I guess I knew that starting my own business would be a lot of hard work, I just wasn’t prepared for every task moving in slow motion. I’m happy doing it and I know everything I do has a purpose but I wish I could make multiple ME’S to get more things done. The to-do list just seems to get longer lately. Which can leave me feeling down like I’m not accomplishing anything.

  I guess my lesson for today is keep your head up and don’t be your worst critic. Today I needed an attitude adjustment and I owned it myself. I mentally reminded myself that I will get there and if I wake up tomorrow I can try harder, focus more and get as much done as possible. Even though my to-do list keeps growing it also has been rewritten because of all the tasks that have been completed. I just keep focusing on how much I have done vs. how much there is still to do. I delegate my tasks evenly throughout the week and make sure to do those things. Keep moving forward, everyday, I will, I can, I must succeed.

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Getting reconnected

Today I was thinking about getting “really” reconnected with a couple of my high school knock around girls. After all this time I still feel a special connection to these girls, well should I say women. I would like to be involved in their lives in a real way. I want to know them on a deeper level than Facebook.
How are you supposed to accomplish that invitation without sounding creepy. Email, voicemail or otherwise, I mean ew, right? That negative, fearful, rejection loathing bad perspective has plenty to say about that. However, I’m choosing to skim over that part and take some action.
I’m not sure what to do or how to ask someone to “get the friendship back together” but I’m just going to tell it like it is I guess. I’m just going to put it out there and see what happens. I’m never gonna get them back into my life just wondering!

Business lesson learned today: Don’t be afraid to reconnect.

A business needs contacts and connections to survive. The more connections you have and the more efficient you become in handling them will really pump up your volume! 🙂 Most times your biggest sale comes from the most unlikely places.
Dive back deep into you contact list and say hello to everyone. (Make sure you weed out contacts that slipped in and aren’t really related to your company’s future). Maybe reintroduce yourself and let them know what big actions you’ve taken since seeing them last. Don’t apologize; just check in on them. See if anything has changed in their lives, see if now is a good time to work together.

When you make strong connections and keep them in tact you win. Keep in touch but don’t smother. Send out ‘newsletters’ quarterly and post on their Social media boards. You want everyone on your list to be in some way connected with a similar target market at bare minimum. That way you can toss information

To ease the fear of wasting my time at networking and social events I set a goal for myself.
“Today I will meet all the __________ and get contact information.”
“I’m going to identify every person in my target market and get some survey answers.” Etc.

This way you can focus on making an impression and not on where you should be instead. Who knows you might even get some real referral business.

The same goes with networking and old/forgotten contacts.

Getting reconnected just made it to the top of my to do list.



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